Schiavo’s life was exploited

A memo was circulated on Capitol Hill in March stating that the controversy surrounding removing Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube “is a great political issue … and a tough issue for Democrats.”

CNN reported Thursday that the memo originated from the office of Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla.

Although the senator denied authoring the memo, someone his office felt that it was OK to make such an insensitive comment. Whether he accepts it, his staffers represent him and his ideas. Somehow he gave them the impression that he would support comments.

Moreover, the Republican’s overwhelming interest in this case shows that political agendas were at the forefront of this issue and not Terri’s life.

It is unfortunate that politicians are more concerned about progressing in their careers than in Terri or her family’s feelings.

Whether the feeding tube should have been removed should have been determined by the people paying for her to live. The government should never have gotten involved.

But Martinez is not alone. It is suspected that Gov. Jeb Bush also got involved because of his future political goals.

This shows that American politics are in a sad state. Politicians should be more concerned about the lives of the people they serve rather than what they have to do to win the next election.

Daylight-saving time just a money ploy by the government

It has been reported that Congress has approved a bill that extends daylight-saving time.

What is the purpose of this legislation?

The purpose of the it remains unclear and is leaving many with questions.

How can lawmakers change what naturally occurs on Earth?

An article on reported that Congress thinks that the longer it stays light outside, the less electricity citizens will consume.

Do legislators really think that the American people are that ignorant?

Apparently, they do.

The notion on Capitol Hill is that more adequate daylight equals longer business days and that translates into the more money circulated throughout the economy.

But what is likely to happen is that families are home for less time during the day, and less electricity and power is used.

How can lawmakers change something that has long been a part of society?

Again, Congress is wasting time and taxpayers’ money.

If this bill is an effort to conserve money, it’s probably to balance the money wasted on the weapons of mass destruction, which were never found in Iraq.