Hard to finally say ‘it’s over’

This letter is in response to the “Know when the affair is finished” article.A woman endures many things when it comes to a relationship. It doesn’t constitute to cutting off someone’s penis, but emotions are involved. I’m speaking from personal experience; I just got out of a two-and-a-half-year relationship, which involved two unborn children (which I miscarried due to domestic violence) and an engagement. When I found out he was cheating I stayed because I loved him dearly and it’s not easy to let go. I think the hardest thing about letting go is the fact that there were lives involved. Now some women get mad over stupid things, but some of us have valid reasons to act in such ways. I’m not supporting the actions, but I just say you have to look at it from a woman’s point of view sometimes because it goes a lot deeper than just not being able to accept the fact that it’s over.

A. Deanna Petersonmshotmama@hotmail.com

Alumna debates name of journalism school building

I say name the building after James Bruton and Thelma Thurston Gorham. They appear to be the most influential people in the life of SJGC and their combined contributions have left a long and lasting legacy for the school to follow and cherish for years to come. Ruggles’ name shouldn’t even be considered; it doesn’t appear that he did anything “name-on-a-building-worthy” during his time as dean of SJGC, and even he is in favor of seeing Bruton’s name on the building. In addition, Ruggles’ desire to see John S. and James L. Knight names on the building is ridiculous; it’s a FAMU tradition to name our buildings after influential Rattlers, whether it is personnel or presidents. I can’t help but think that if they really donated their money out of the goodness of their hearts, then they really shouldn’t expect any type of repayment.

Stephanie Redd ms_stephanieredd@yahoo.com

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