Senate elects new leadership in recall

The 34th Student Senate voted on its new leadership for the second time in two weeks Monday.

The senators also reviewed the proposed Activities and Services budget, and received a visit from the new interim director of Student Activities.

Elections were recalled due to requests by some senators last week to redo them because of the improper use of absentee ballots.

Senators voted to hold elections Monday – resulting in the election of sophomore Sen. Candace Elliot as the 2005-2006 Senate President.

During the first election, Elliot lost by one vote to her opposer, junior Sen. Keon Hardemon. She won by one vote Monday.

Sophomore Sen. Ebony Ivory won the position of Senate President Pro-tempore both times.

“It’s better that we corrected our wrongs rather than following an incorrect process,” said sophomore Sen. Jasmine Blanks, who ran for the position of Pro-Tempore.

Senate President Ramon Alexander said the senate came to a consensus to ensure a quality outcome of the elections.

New Interim Director of Student Activities, Mickey Clayton, formally introduced himself to the senate and spectators in the gallery. “Right now we are fighting a battle for the state of the school,” Clayton said.

One comment Clayton made, regarding vendors on “The Set” on Fridays, received a lot of feedback from senators.

Clayton said a decision to move vendors to the patio between the Rattler’s Den and Gallimore Lanes was recently made due to complaints by faculty members that the vendors and the atmosphere of “The Set” on Fridays are not conducive to an academic institution.

A few senators spoke up and said “Set Fridays,” as they are commonly called, are part of student life and shouldn’t be taken away.

Clayton said the decision was not his, but was made by university officials.

The senate also reviewed the A&S budget during the meeting, which allots students’ fees to various campus organizations.

The full budget was $3.6 million before the allocation process began, A&S Liason Ivory said.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ivory said around $32,000 had not been allocated.

Ivory said the committee left $25,000 in the Student Activities Budget for the summer.

Although the FAMU Student Bar Association is not an A&S agency, Ivory said the committee allotted money to the organization because the law school is trying to get accredited and can use monetary help.

During the review process, senators adjusted the proposed budget, and agreed to allot more funds to the Center for Caribbean Culture, The Famuan, Orchesis Dance Theatre and WANM 90.5 FM.

Lyceum, a cultural organization, the Residence Hall Association and the Gray Core Complex were the only agencies not funded.

Senators said Lyceum was not given a liaison this year. The Residence Hall Association failed to meet with senators about their budget, but some senators argued that the Association still needs funds.

The Gray Core Complex was not funded because the money went towards the debt of the complex that was paid off this year.

Although senators made various changes to the A&S budget, the process is not finished. Additional changes will be made once the budget goes to the SGA president and administration officials.

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