Cost of driving too high

The current rise in gas prices is something that affects drivers everywhere.

With gas prices rising well above $2 per gallon and going with what seems to be no end in sight, it leaves many drivers looking for alternative means of transportation.

Many people are sitting at the pump staring at the skyrocketing prices and hoping that some time in the near future gas prices will decrease.

But until then, avoiding the high costs of gasoline is not as impossible. Until the government decides to combat these rising prices, there are other ways the community can get where they need to go in a more economical fashion.

Moreover, there are things students can do to avoid paying outrageous gas prices.

While the hills of Tallahassee may be daunting, there is still the option of simply walking or riding a bike.

If those don’t seem like viable options for the people who fear breaking a sweat, then there is always the air-conditioned TalTran. A added plus is that it’s free with your RattlerCard.

Another way to cutback on spending so much at the pump, carpooling. Catching a ride to school or to a party with your friends and splitting the cost of gas is not such a bad idea.

According to, there are a few other ways people can conserve fuel.

People should not accelerate and push on the brakes rapidly and should also make sure that the tires of the vehicle are fully inflated. When tires are not inflated properly, it could cause a 10 percent loss in gas.

With these suggestions, people should be able to cushion the rising cost of driving. While the real solution to this issue is up to President George W. Bush, there are other ways to manage this crisis.

Teenage version of safe sex is misguided

A study of teenagers at two California schools recently conducted reported that one in five ninth graders reported having oral sex and about one-third said that they intend on engaging in oral sex in the next six months.

What ever happened to just kissing? Evidently, kissing is for cowards.

Teens must have this notion that oral sex is the safe alternative to intercourse, both from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. But statistics prove otherwise.

Although females cannot get pregnant from engaging in oral sex, they can certainly contract a disease they may not get rid of. Millions of teenagers become infected with STD’s such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV and herpes each year, and oral sex is a way by which teens are getting infected.

This California study also suggests that teenagers are receiving the wrong information about oral sex.

It seems that health care providers, or more importantly parents, are not telling teenagers the dangers of oral sex.

The Web site for the American Social Health Association, http://www.ashas, states that one in four new STD infections occur in teenagers. In addition to that, about 48, 000 persons under the age of 24 have AIDS, as stated a report on

Hello teens: STD’s can be transmitted though oral sex, too.

While parents are so busy emphasizing abstinence, condoms and contraception, teens have found their own way to be defiant “safely.” What’s most important is that adults are the oblivious ones.

Well here’s some advice. If you have a teenage son, daughter, sister, brother, grandson or granddaughter, please have that “all” sex talk with them immediately.