Journalists should be required

The schools of journalism, especially those in traditionally black and liberal institutions such as the one located at FAMU, have the opportunity to make a valuable and needed historical contribution to the nation and the world. The traditional media have been so cooped to perform propaganda for the current U.S. administration and the military that there is a vacuum of truth in public communication at this time.

A group labeled “Bloggers” is filling this vacuum! Bloggers are those citizens who own personal computers and use the World Wide Web to post articles and feelings on subjects.

FAMU’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication must make creating a Blogg site a requirement for its students’ grades. This would add to the knowledge of the students and provide a useful service to our country and the world. Therefore, the increase of the number of voices in the public information arena will provide the needed new view of the world’s activities! Yes, let the students Blogg!!!

J. Alva Scruggs

Adequate fire prevention, detection saves lives

The importance of campus fire safety was reinforced last week with the fire at George Washington University and serves as a valuable, teachable moment.

A freshman was critically injured in a fire that was started when a portable grill ignited the student’s bedding material.

The building was not fully equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system. Instead, it only had sprinklers in the hallways and common areas. The fire was not detected by the building’s fire alarm system.

Instead, it was seen by a passing secret service patrol unit. These officers notified the fire department, entered the building, activated the building’s fire alarm system and made several unsuccessful attempts to rescue the trapped victim from the ninth floor before the arrival of the fire department.

Prevention involves educating students about fire safety.

Detection means there is early detection of the fire and notification of the occupants and emergency responders.

Suppression is accomplished through automatic fire sprinklers, which can control or extinguish the fire within seconds, saving lives.

Ed Comeau, Director

Center for Campus Fire Safety, a non-profit organization

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