Schiavo’s husband unfit to decide

Michael Schiavo is a farce.

Schiavo’s wife, Terri Schiavo has been in a “persistent vegetative state” for 15 years and now he has decided to have the sustaining tubes pulled to end her life.

This action wouldn’t be so inhumane if there were ways in which Terri could depart without being subjected to hunger and dehydration.

Many people believe the life-ending decision of Mrs. Schiavo should be exercised at the discretion of her husband.

While I am partial to this belief, I find Mr. Schiavo to be an adulterer that has deviated from his marital binding to Terri, thus diminishing his credibility as a devout and sincerely pained husband.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, he said, ” Terri wouldn’t want to live this way.” She mentioned before her current state that if something of this nature should befall her that she wouldn’t want to live, according to CNN.

This may be true. However, what arouses the itch of hypocrisy is that Schiavo has already moved on with his life.

He has a girlfriend and children to boast the wantonness of his abandoned vows. This action is what has caused the courts of public opinion to scratch for the truth of his reasoning.

Sure, rebuttals to this position are to be great and many, but the bottom line of this case asks, ” Would Terri Schiavo have wanted her husband to consummate another relationship while bound under state law to her?” The concern or lack thereof of Terri being in a “persistent vegetative state” is a crutch that feebly contests the declarations made in the Schiavos’ wedded matrimony: To love one another through sickness and through death, till death departs one or both of them.

Claims of receiving a healthy insurance payout have been rumored to be the impetus of ending Terri’s life. Mr. Schiavo denies money as the reason for his decision. If money isn’t the moving force, then, the next reasonable suspect could be Mr. Schiavo’s mistress. Perhaps, Terri is the vegetative “stumbling-block” that is prohibiting Mr. Schiavo from making her his wedded wife to be.

Michael Schiavo voided all rights as his wife’s faithful spokesperson when he fathered children outside of their union. Yes, many without failure commit adultery but Are all cases of adultery committed under such conditions? I am not advocating indiscretions in relationships; however, I am a proponent of being fair and informed. If Mr. Schiavo wanted to experience the remainder of his life with another woman-he should’ve reasonably discussed the dilemma with the parents (Bob and Mary Schindler) of Terri Schiavo.

According to The New York Times, Mr. Schiavo said Sunday “he was outraged that congressional leaders had intervened, criticizing Mr. DeLay, in particular, for what he said were politically motivated moves.”

Regardless of the affections Mr. Schiavo professes to have for his current wife, much of his fanfare falls into the puddles of crocodile tears. If Michael Schiavo wishes to continue with his life that’s fine, but what’s more strident are the efforts of appeals and protests by Terri’s parents that has emerged as an outstanding statement that clearly demonstrates that they’re involved with the daughter’s life for the long haul: Fifteen years and counting.

Jarrell Douse is a senior public relations student from Miami. He can be reached at