Relationships: Private or not

It has become evident that on this campus relationships are becoming more and more like marriages without the ring. A couple begins by spending weekends at each other’s houses, then it increases to three or four times a week and then every night. The next thing you know there is an extra toothbrush in your holder, extra shoes under your bed and extra clothes in your closet.

Though while you and your mate are now sharing a room what else are you sharing? Does your boy or girlfriend have the password to your e-mail address? Does he or she know the secret code that locks and unlocks your phone? Or does he or she have a key to your house? Some students on this campus would argue that some things should be kept private.

Shakema Colman, a third-year elementary education major from South Carolina does not feel that passwords and things should be shared between mates. “Me personally, I wouldn’t share all of that with my boyfriend, but everyone is different. I think people should do what makes them happy.” Colman, 20, feels that if people want to know that information then their motif might be because they suspect their mate is hiding something and don’t trust him or her.

Micheal Spence however feels differently about the topic. When asked whether or not couples should share keys and passwords he said there is nothing wrong with it. “As long as your boy or girlfriend’s roommates don’t mind you having a key to their apartment, then there shouldn’t be a problem.” Spence, 22, and a fourth year Health and Physical Education major form Miami has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for over a year and admits they share everything from passwords, to social security numbers.

Another male on campus had a similar view.

“Why wouldn’t you share your passwords and things with your mate?” asked Kevin Robinson, 22. “If you are trying to keep things from the person you are with, then there is no genuine attraction.” Robinson is a fourth year Physics major from Bowie, Maryland, and prior to marrying his wife of eight months, they hid nothing from each other.

Ultimately the choice is up to the couple. If both you and your mate feel that your relationship has grown enough to the point where you can share everything, and you both are mature enough to handle each other’s private information then do it.

The information should not be shared to spy or check up on your boy or girlfriend. If you feel there is a need to check up on your mate, or keep things from them then you should look at the relationship and ask yourself why.

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