Love grows despite age

When a man meets a younger woman, he may look for qualities such as good looks, personality and class. However, when a man meets an older woman, he may be looking for different qualities.

“Dating a female who is around your age is completely different from dating an older female,” said Travis Livingstone, 29, an entrepreneur from Brooklyn, N.Y.

“When dating an older female, I look for sex appeal, a female who is financially stable, and one who appreciates things and is open minded.”

While some men may not want to date younger women, some women are not interested in men who are the same age as them either.

Kimberly James, a fourth-year business administration student at FAMU said she prefers older men because of the maturity factor.

“I refuse to date a younger man at this point in my life, because many of these younger men are immature,” said the 22-year-old from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Still, for some men and women, the age preference has more to do with fulfilling emotional needs.

When a younger man dates an older woman, it may typically be for that feeling of stability. However, an older woman leans more towards the feeling of being young and spontaneous.

“If I want to date a younger girl, then more than likely I am the provider, the father figure.

Martine St. Hilaire, a social worker from Queens, New York, said that dating a younger man allows some women to relive their youth.

“I’ve seen cases where women are married and have a younger guy on the side,” St. Hilaire explained.

“It is all for fun. It makes them feel young again.”

“It mainly is all about the sex and the females being in control,” St. Hilaire added.

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