Gas prices steadily increase

Last year a comedian on BET’s “Comicview” made a joke stating that with as high as gas prices were he was going to start buying crack and running to wherever he needed to go.

While the price of gas may not have exceeded that of cocaine, it is as high as ever. According to, gas in Tallahassee ranges anywhere from $2.04 to $2.17 for regular unleaded. USA Today reported the national average per gallon to be $2.11.

In mid-March, CNN reported that the price of oil rose to approximately $55 a barrel, reportedly to the dismay of our President George W. Bush.

Tallahasseeans aren’t even feeling the worst of it. Across the nation gas prices are skyrocketing like never before. reported the highest gas price in the nation to be in Malibu, Calif. at $3.05 per gallon for regular. The site reported the lowest price in the nation to be in McAfee, N.J. at $1.75 per gallon. The national average for the price of diesel gasoline is $2.24 a gallon.

There may be no end in sight. Although, gas prices have risen 10 percent in the last month, National Department of Energy reports show demand for gasoline has actually risen two percent in the last year, a 36 percent increase from last year.

However, a few Web sites are providing information that could help the college student on a budget by providing information on where the least expensive gas is your area. allows users to search for the cheapest gas in your area by typing your zip code in the search field, and there are several others just like it.

With more gas price increases on the horizon and fixed income being a reality, the Web may be the only alternative to walking or you could always be on time with the reliable Tal-Tran transit system.

Real news in America often goes unheard

While the Schindlers, Congress, the media and the court system played tug of war with Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube, an actual tragedy was happening in our country.

A student at Red Lake High School in Beltrami County, Minnesota killed two of his grandparents, five students in one of his classes and wounded 15 others.

Most people had not heard of the incident until court was adjourned in Schiavo’s case Monday.

The underplaying of this horrific event was not only reckless, but also ridiculous.

Schiavo has been dominating the airwaves with a case that is based on a moot point. Her parents don’t have the right. Congress doesn’t have jurisdiction. The courts originally ruled to remove the tube.

Moot point!

On the off chance that this student committed these murders before committing suicide as a ploy for attention, he and so many others have died in vain. The protesting and media frenzies have overshadowed a tragedy that should be nationally recognized.

As a country, we must turn our attention away from the so-called hot button issues of our American government. If we refuse to feed into their foolishness, maybe the real problems we face as a people will come to the forefront.