Students not biting meal plan excuses

It is a shame students are being slighted once again. The administration decided that students cannot use their equivalency meal plan in the Presidential Dining Room.

According to Auxiliary Services Director Michael Smith, the faculty complained about students eating in the Presidential Dining Room because the students were “unruly.” All of the student body should not be punished for a few misguided student actions.

Although the faculty has a very important purpose at FAMU, they should not be treated any better than the students. After all, the faculty is paid to be here and the students pay to be here. The students should always come first.

If students want the option to use their equivalency meal plan in the Presidential Dining Room, they should be able to do so.

The administration should remember that FAMU is a business and in business keeping the consumer happy is the most important thing. Perhaps if they could grasp this concept, many of the problems at FAMU would be avoided.

If students continue to feel they are not wanted they will go to other colleges where they feel valued. Students should be able to use their meal plans anywhere on campus, including the Presidential Dining Room, because they pay for it.

Wednesday is FAMU Day at the Capitol

For the past couple of years, FAMU Day at the Capitol has been held during the University’s Spring Break. Unfortunately, most students and faculty leave town for vacation during this time.

But this year, everyone will have the opportunity to attend the annual event Wednesday.

The question is will they.

With two key state legislators requesting millions of dollars to bring the University’s financial status into the black, Rattlers should make their presence known Wednesday.

FAMU Day at the Capitol is a rare opportunity for lawmakers to see why they should have a vested interest in the University. Interim President Castell V. Bryant has been working hard to mend the University’s problems to the best of her abilities but she needs the support of everyone involved with the University, from students to faculty to alumni, to show up for this important day.

Students miss classes for many frivolous things and this is one time that they would have a legitimate reason for missing a day from classes.

The future of FAMU depends on more than a university lobbyist, it depends on a collective effort.