SGA leaders revealed

Despite post-election controversy, the newly elected 2005-2006 Student Government Association president and vice president are preparing for their future positions.

Ramon Alexander and Phillip Agnew will be the representatives of the FAMU student body next school year. Yet, many students do not know much about the men behind the positions.

Although SGA President-Elect Alexander was born in Tallahassee, he grew up in Jacksonville. He did not return to Tallahassee until the second semester of his freshman year in high school.

Alexander attended FAMU Developmental Research School and gained early experience as a student leader when he served as DRS SGA president.

The 20-year-old political science student said he “developed a pure sense of love and passion for the University at an early age.”

Alexander decided to attend FAMU because “of the tradition and legacy.”

When Alexander enrolled at FAMU, he was elected to the legislative branch of SGA as a senator, eventually climbing the ranks to his current position as Senate President.

Senate Pro Tempore Jessica Larché, 20, has worked closely with Alexander.

“This year has been one of the most life changing experiences because his leadership is unparalleled in his compassion and sincerity for the student body,” said Larché, a sophomore political science student from New Orleans.

“Working with him has taught me how to become a more effective leader.”

Alexander said he chose to become a student leader because of a, “burning desire to make FAMU better.”

“I don’t take it (representing the student body) lightly,” he added.

The SGA presidency is a position that will consume most of Alexander’s time next year.

He said he has learned to balance his time because he was taught by his parents to be “God-fearing and to prioritize”.

Alexander credits his ability to lead effectively to having God in his life and the support of his friends and those who work with him.

He spends his free time reading books, playing video games, golfing and playing the piano.

In the future, Alexander wants to own a lobbying and consulting firm in order to fight on behalf of education, health care and civil rights.

During the presidential debate on Feb. 21, Alexander explained that he chose Agnew for his running mate to create diversity on the ticket.

“I wanted a younger (running mate) to relate to the greatest component of students,” Alexander said.

Agnew is a 19-year-old business administration student from Chicago.

During high school, Agnew was a leader in the band and a head musician at his church.

Agnew, who always wanted to be more active, said SGA was not a “big thing” at his high school.

He chose to come to FAMU after hearing about the business administration program and positive things about the University from friends and fellow church members. Agnew said coming to the University was a big step because he did not visit the campus before his freshman year.

According to William Miller, Agnew’s friend and sophomore class vice-president, Agnew had problems when he first came to FAMU, but he overcame them and became a student leader.

“His first year, he wasn’t even sure if he would be able to pay for school. He grew to become a great leader on campus through adversity,” said Miller, 19, business administration student from Chicago.

Agnew, who also served as freshman class president, is the current sophomore class president.

Agnew said he decided to vie for the position of SGA vice president because he wants to help the University raise to a higher scale.

“I want to use my position to advocate for better student services,” Agnew said.

“He has developed an immense love for the University and that’s why he does what he does,” Miller said.

Agnew said he has a love for music. In his free time, he sings, plays the piano, plays the drums, writes and listens to music.

Alexander and Agnew will gain their new positions at the end of this semester.

“Phillip and I are very accessible, and we are looking forward to making next year the best SGA of FAMU,” Alexander said.

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