Influential runners-up

The staff of The Famuan is aware there are hundreds of influential women populating the Hill. Although they didn’t win, these four women were nominated by their peers and selected as runners-up for their ability to not only improve the quality of campus life at FAMU but the quality of life for people outside of the University. While these women didn’t all think that they were influential, they did agree that they are committed to enhancing the lives of every person they meet.

Jessica Larché

Do you consider yourself influential?Why?

“Yes, I’m the “anti-stereotype.” When you look at my background I’m a medal for other young ladies, don’t be afraid to set out on your own path. You can still be anything and everything and more.”

What separates you from other women on campus?

“Everybody plays a role in influencing somebody else. I’m younger than most other influential women.”

Danielle Lewis

Do you consider yourself influential? Why?

“Yes, I consider myself to be influential because I am able to relate to people in all different walks of life. I can identify with people who may have had bad grades and weren’t sure how they were going to get to college and I can identify with student leaders.”

What separates you from other women on campus?

“I think what separates me is that I live according to God’s standard. I live according to my standard. If I did everything the world wanted me to do, but didn’t do what God wanted me to do then I have failed myself. If I’ve done what God wants me to do but hasn’t done what the world wants me to do I have achieved success.”

Roshell Rosemond

What will your legacy be when you leave FAMU?

“My legacy would be Roshell didn’t wait for things to happen, someone who saw and immediately did something about it, and also Roshell has been able to remain Roshell down to earth, respectful and respected and taking care of business. A lot of times we can lose ourselves with certain titles and accolades. People can always say Roshell was Roshell, she didn’t let things change her.”

If you met someone who did not want to attend FAMU because of negative things he or she has heard about the University, how would you convince him or her to attend?

“I would tell her at FAMU you get the HBCU experience with the Ivy League education. I would ask her why she didn’t want to attend FAMU and I would use my knowledge and experience to combat her, I would tell her about my personal experience in the SBI MBA program and how I met Bill Gates and have a full-time offer to one of the Fortune 500 companies Procter & Gamble.”

Erin Washington

How have you contributed to the improvement of student life on campus?

“I think I have contributed to the improvement of student life on campus through an artistic form by starting different programs within the Essential Theatre. My vision is to let people know the arts is very important in any education it keeps you rounded.”

What will your legacy be when you leave FAMU?

“That I was a selfless and passionate worker and I put everybody before myself. I’m involved in a lot of service activities if my brother isn’t okay, I’m not.”

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