“I’ve Been”

Thoughts come and go and my river flows constantly,

because at night, I dream and I long to be pleased… by you sir.

I’ve been thinking about you too much

I love the way you touch and you smell

you kiss and you tell but… I don’t mind

I’m just glad to say that you’re mine. 

I’ve been thinking about you

I wonder if you think of me too, but I know you have been

You told me last night when you met me in the sky.

The stars unfolded our reason for being together,

and if I kept my eyes closed long enough, this could last forever…

uh huh, rather clever.

I’ll dance on the tip of your… your…

I’ve been… I’ll be… I’ll explore and you’ll see.

I’ve been… all day.

I’ve been… this way.

I’ve been… I have to leave, but I’ll catch you tonight in my dreams.