“My Eve” remix

I inhale the fragrance of your magnificence and the vision of you marinates in my brain.

My soul dances happily as I feel you deep inside of me and I exhale your name.

If I can look you that must mean that I can look at you that must mean that I can look directly at the sun because even the sun can’t match our love brightness.

Told you that I want to name our future son Rashaad cause it’s an African name that means righteous.

I looked in the dictionary to find a word to describe our love and I looked up and down.

But incapable to complete such a difficult task there was no word to describe us and the dictionary frowned. And I smiled.

The way our love brings light to a dark world even makes the moon jealous.

I stretched my arm out in the fresh breeze and your skin I felt it.

I looked at the stars and your eyes I saw it.

You gave me the keys to your heart and I permanently moved in and the door I locked it.

You must be toxic, because you have me intoxicated way past the legal limit.

I never thought stuff like this ever existed.

A love so good that if Bill Gates had it he would give up his riches.

The things I’d do for you are endless.

You are the best of my visions and thinking about our kisses you’re most definitely my business because it is my job to love you.

And in your thoughts I constantly run through.

You embrace me as I lay on your breast and I hear the beating of your heart and here my name called out.

And at that moment I know I’m your all now.

Let’s move forward with this highest of feelings there’s no need to stall now.

And you are all mine as we collide to combine to form a partnership that is divine, and trapped in your eyes, and your shape brought me back to poetry night, as my insides said rewind.

I pursued you with great interest and it will be a crime to call you a princess because you graduated from that and are in queenhood.

In love every time I see you. I look at your neck and say my tongue will like to greet you. And it replies please do. With this love I won’t leave you because it’s not just a want cause baby I need you.

So deep that baby I breathe you.

This love is deeper than deep.

The Indian Ocean saw our love and said yall are too steep.

And occasionally we say peace. But since we’re afrocentric we say hotep. And your love is tremendous causin me to hold my breath. We have all the love down pack, aereos, philios, and agape.

With this love I can get lost babe.

Aereos (physical) We do new thangs like play the fruit game.

Where we have slice of fruit on body parts and the other has to eat it.

And I love how you’re a lad and when we’re intimate you can be a bit freaky.

But I am freaky with you cause with a love that’s this true there are no hold bars.

But I love the taste of your body so I constantly find myself sucking and licking, sucking and licking repeatedly, damn you bring out the freak in me. It’s torture at times but sometimes I love it when you be teasin my.

You’re a pleaser yourself and I love that about you.

You do yo thang gurl.

Philios (family) You’re such a god woman.

I want you to be the mother of my children.

I want to be a part of this happy home and we are the architects of this building.

And when you do say I do it will be until death do us part.

But the truth is I hope we die in each other’s arms.

No other woman would stand by my side, you were destined to be the everything in my life. The thought of you being my wife has me feeling unlike and other feeling I felt before know that you will be forever adored.

Agape (Godly love) The ultimate love.

For the Creator created us and in makin us the Most High decided for us to be together.

Every inch of your soul I treasure.

Started life as two entities and we became one.

We started off as being loving people but we came together to create love.

The ultimate love.

Your existence makes me a complete man and because of you I can reach the land of ultimate love.

Constantly I pray for you, for always I want to stay with you, love I make with you, children I create with you, pains I brace with you.

Know that you’re safe with me, the cup of love take with me, Euphoria come to this place with me, never have hate for me.

Let this love last as we are each other’s last love.

Being a part of history’s greatest past loves.

David and Bathsheba as we are takin a bath together and I massage every part of your body.

Solomon and Sheba as she be the one for me.

Romeo and Juliet as I roam around the embodiment of greatness which is you.

I would lay down my life for you this is true.

You are me and I am you, you are me and I am you, you are me and I am you.

Let’s look at the sunrise.