Letter to the editor II:

American society shuns domestic abuse victims

The old cliché, “no one can do nothing more to you than you allow them to do” is relative in most domestic situations.

Through all forms of media, America has turned these domestic abuse victims into defendants, having to prove beyond the bruises and threats that they indeed have been wronged.

It is a shame that this belief has been so prevalent, yet so vehemently denied. From the death threats that Kobe Bryant’s accuser received to the backlash that the late Christopher Rios’ wife is now getting for speaking out, the message is being heard loud and clear by women in similar situations; that speaking out may be worse than what they are going through. At least they know what to expect in an abusive relationship. Public scorn may prove to be even worse for a person in an abusive relationship.

The most ironic thing about his comment is that I just heard pretty much that same comment last week. I was watching “The Players Club”…and it was told to a woman shortly before she was brutally beaten.

“What wouldn’t they do or go through for a Klondike bar?” Are you serious?

Larry Parker