Response to 2/28/05 Editorial on JP Morgan reparations attempt

I don’t normally respond to these things but I felt compelled by your article. America and indeed most of Europe owe a huge debt to African and indigenous Native Americans. In the Jewish holocaust an estimated 6 million people were killed and tortured. Germany has since apologized and gives Israel billions of dollars EVERY YEAR. However, when genocide is committed against an estimated 95 million Native Americans and 100 million Africans, what does America and Europe? They put the men who perpetrated these monstrosities on a pedestal. We celebrate their holidays (birthdays and Thanksgiving), put their faces on currency, and subject our children to their glorified history of lies. What do you think the Jews, or the world for that matter, would do if Germany tried to put Hitler on its currency? Yet no one has anything to say about barbarians on American money (Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Franklin).

If a company makes an unsafe product and people are injured by the product (such as an unsafe child car seat), they can sue for millions of dollars and no one thinks twice about it. That is how you penalize huge organizations/governments/businesses. However, African people suffer unimaginable horrors and you say that no one should be punished? No matter how much Europeans apologize or give in the name of Reparation, I will NEVER forget what has been done to my ancestors, myself, and African people. However, the oppressors should be made to pay continuously, indefinitely. I agree that 5 million one time is an insult and not nearly enough, not even a start. They should pay long and hard.

Renita CanadyAn Advocate for change4th yr Professional MBANaperville, IL