Recently, lawmakers were made aware of a meeting in which Juvenile Justice Secretary Anthony Schembri showed “How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police,” a skit by Chris Rock, in a meeting with the NAACP.

Schembri used this tape at the meeting to open up a discussion about racial profiling. Some black lawmakers found this gesture racist, because Schembri is white. They are now calling for his dismissal from office.

Schembri is white; he was using the tape in an effort to open up a very serious discussion. How can you blame a white person for showing a tape of a black man made to open up a discussion that primarily affects blacks?

If he were black and did the same thing would the black lawmakers be as quick to say it was inappropriate?


It is time for black America to stop claiming racism for everything. Everything done by white people is not racist.

Perhaps blacks should consider the products they are putting out for white people to use as resources. If Chris Rock did not make a tape with material that could be seen as racially sensitive, Schembri would not have used it to open the meeting, on an issue that involves race.

There is nothing wrong with Schembri using Rock’s tape as a conversation starter, especially when the conversation was supposed to bring about change. If the lawmakers, and any one else for that matter, would take a look at most college campuses, they would be sure to find black professors using similar tapes in order to open up discussions on race.

So what makes Schembri different? The fact that he is white? That is not a good enough reason to remove someone from office. And if lawmakers are just finding out about this meeting, which took place a year ago, it is a moot point and obviously the NAACP wasn’t that offended.

Right-to-die decision should be made by individual

A Florida judge has recently made the decision to remove Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube in three weeks, in favor of her husband, Michael Schiavo. However, her parents’ lawyers are continuing the fight to keep her alive.

For those unfamiliar with the case, 15 years ago Terri Schiavo collapsed when a chemical imbalance caused her heart to temporarily stop beating. This caused her severe brain damage.

Schiavo’s parents and her husband have battled since late 1990, and yet Terri’s fate is still not clear.

Many believe Terri should be given the opportunity to live through the feeding tube. Others feel a little different.

Terri Schiavo does deserve to live the life that she once wanted, but reality is that she may never be able to.

Michael Schiavo has already started another family with someone else. Was he supposed to wait until Terri awakens from her vegetative state? The answer lies with Terri. She could have asked her husband not to allow her to be kept alive by machines and tubes, but she didn’t.

Right-to-die issues are flowing to the forefront of public controversy. Non-profit organizations and even Vatican officials are vowing for this woman’s destiny, but what everyone is forgetting is that the decision must reflect what Terri wants, not what everyone else wants.

It’s not Gov. Jeb Bush’s decision, the Schindlers decision or Michael Schiavo’s decision.

Whether there’s an end to this legal battle is anyone’s guess.