One FAMU requires a collective effort

It’s unfortunate that FAMU is once again portrayed so negatively in the light of the media.

Perhaps the current leadership is following the bad example of the previous lame-duck administration that blatantly ignored all the mud that was slung at the University.

This institution can no longer afford to take a lackadaisical approach when addressing the current issues that affect the University. With this in mind, it is most appropriate that the alumni and students take a more proactive position in ensuring that FAMU regains it’s preeminent status in leading the charge of educating talented, bright minds.

Though some may believe the University’s president can lead this challenge alone, it is time the University recognizes the problem is growing every day and it is too big to be combated solely by one person.

Action should be taken now, and that action means students, faculty, staff and the administrators should work collectively to rebuild the University’s reputation. FAMU did not rapidly lie in a decrepit position overnight. So no method of restoring the University will be instantaneous.

Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of all Rattlers to ensure the school moves from the spotlight of negativity into a more positive light.

Blacks should not consider recent

sentencing racist

Ignorance by definition means the lack of knowledge or education.

Black people have always been viewed as ignorant individuals. As a race, blacks are always ready to face off with anyone who defames the race’s fruitfully historic character.

Well, Mark Jones, the man recently sentenced to four years in prison for brutally beating another customer, is the epitome of black ignorance. Footage on CNN’s midday newscast showed Jones repeatedly striking a man as he tried to walk out of the parlor. Jones’ friend skipped Joseph Scarpino as he was waiting to be served. Scarpino made a comment, and Jones’ girlfriend became upset. Scarpino made a comment to the person he was on the phone with, and she began yelling obscenities. After that the rest was history. Jones was charged with assault.

Some in the black community blamed this incident on racism. This was pure ignorance.

The man shamed his entire race. Instead of being the bigger man and allowing Scarpino to walk away, Jones had to be the big, bad wolf.

Blacks must realize that they are the only ones that can actually exploit themselves, no one else.

Jones really embarrassed his race. Was four years really worth a place