Black and White

Black and White (History Month)

The black face cries white tearsOver still being enslaved after hundreds of yearsDoes the white represent pain?Does the white represent light?Can we really say if white is wrong or right?I think for every obsidian truth there are some ebon liesSo for every stealth attack we get got not by surpriseThus black and white fusion representative of seeing with claritySo black antacid with white water help to stomach life with regularityWould be nice to see things without a gray area race patchBut America’s vision is 1/12th blackAnd even that fuzzy vision is being blurredWhen President Valentine’s Groundhog Day occurredHispaniorientaleuropeanvision caused a vision deterredEating away at Carter G’s soul like a vultureNot to say I’m not appreciative of a cornucopia of cultureIt’s just that the fruits of our labor become rotten and my heart slipsIronically as we go away from black, we slide more into the darknessSo the month becomes more of a mockeryBut I’ve used up too much space for philosophyQuick!Harriet Martin Sojourner and XOrators politicians and masters of textHenson Douglass Hansberry and HaleyFitzgerald Dandridge Baker, other sophisticated ladiesAnd yet still you’ve heard of these folks beforeSadly I don’t have time for anymoreI only had 28 lines

By The Good Doctor