SGA needs election reform

While the final results for several of the seats for SGA elections may have been filled Tuesday, the process was not as smooth as it could have been.

From looming election violations to the disbursement of copyrighted campaign material, it is clear that the election codes need some serious review.

While the Electoral Commission was careful to keep candidates from posting trademarked or copyrighted material, there were not serious measures taken to prevent candidates from using such material in campaign handbills.

The University should ensure that it will not be held responsible for students violating copyrights, but students should also be educated on all copyrighted material. In particular, the use of published material.

One candidate used an article of The Famuan as a part of his campaign for an SGA seat. Unfortunately, this act poses two very serious problems for the newspaper and the candidate. The first problem is that his use of the material could be viewed as an endorsement from The Famuan. The second is that all material produced and published for The Famuan is the property of the newspaper.

When the candidate used that story as personal endorsement, the candidate compromised the integrity of the newspaper.

Reforms are in order if the elections process is to become a respected part of student life.

HBCUs need each other to survive, thrive

Edward Waters College has been in the spotlight for about three months now.

The institution lost its accreditation last December, and on Feb. 7, Jimmy Jenkins, the university’s president, resigned.

Florida A&M University has garnered much negative attention, but it’s time to disregard all selfishness and extend your prayers to EWC and it’s family, friends and alumni.

This major need for affection comes from a mass e-mail distributed by EWC SGA President Emmanuel Fleming to the FAMU family.

Fleming extended an invitation for a prayer vigil to be held in Jacksonville Monday night.

Although many couldn’t make it to the ceremony, the college was still in the newspaper’s prayers. FAMU is not in any condition to brush off the tragedies experienced by EWC. The University is actually going down a similar path.

Just look at the facts. It is currently led by temporary leadership, many colleges and schools are up for reaccreditation, and let’s not forget the million-dollar deficit that has not quite disappeared.

What’s even more enthralling is the resignation/termination of seven upper-level officials.

Support from a neighboring HBCU is exactly what these black institutions are in need of.

Black universities and colleges must look out for each other and not always consider the other a mere rival.

All HBCUs are in this together. The trend seems to be headed down a frightening path.

HBCUs are becoming more of a must-rid epidemic than an educational haven.

EWC, FAMU needs a favor from you. Please keep this institution in your prayers as well. We all need it.