Paper should endorse

Letter to the editor:

I’m sure you realize that some of the most reputable newspapers in the country (i.e. New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal) give endorsements during presidential elections, senatorial elections and even mayoral elections. I am also sure you are aware that FAMU alumni read The Famuan regularly via the Internet. Your paper’s careful critique, analysis and endorsement of candidates for critical SGA positions is not biased, it’s reporting. You should be aware that national trends would suggest it is very appropriate for The Famuan to give endorsements. Who else is more aware of candidate platforms than reporters who have the responsibility of investigating and access to privileged information? I believe you should consider The Famuan a publication where candidates could be fairly evaluated based on continued critique by your staff. And the subsequent Famuan endorsements should be viewed by students, faculty and its editor as a resource and not just an opinion.

Christopher J. ShorterManagement Associate Office of Forecasting & Capital Planning