e-mail edition

This note isn’t really for publication, but I just wanted to alert you to a problem I’m having with the Famuan e-mail edition.

Whenever I follow one of the links to a story with a photo, the photo is obscuring the story text, usually toward the top. (If you want to take a look yourself, latest story link I tried is https://www.thefamuanonline.com/news/873910.html?mkey=62627)

This is happening on a pretty consistent basis and basically renders the stories unreadable. I figure, either something is wrong with the settings on my computer, or someone on staff is overlooking a step in the design process to get the text to wrap around the photo correctly.

If it’s the former, I’d appreciate any technical advice you can give. If it’s the latter, you probably have a problem that a lot of e-mail readers are experiencing, whether you’re actually hearing many complaints or not. — Peter McKay, 212-416-3153