Alexander, Agnew to lead SGA

Students gathered anxiously on the Set Tuesday night as Electoral Commissioner Tiffany Cartwright announced the results for the Spring 2005 FAMU Elections.

Winners of the SGA President and Vice President, Miss FAMU, Mr. FAMU, King of Orange and Green, Sophomore Attendant, eight junior senator positions, senior class president and vice president, and sophomore class president and vice president races were all decided Tuesday.

The winning ticket of the evening’s most anticipated race, SGA President and Vice President, was Alexander/Agnew, by 334 votes.

Incoming SGA President Ramon Alexander, 20, is a junior political science student from Tallahassee, Fla.

Incoming SGA Vice President Philip Agnew is a 19-year-old business administration student from Chicago, Illinois.

“We are 100 percent committed to serving the student body next year, and we plan to unite the student body through genuine commitment, and finding common goals to address the issues of our university,” Alexander said.

“I am enormously excited (about the win) not just for myself, but for every student we represent and the future of the University.” Agnew said.

The winning ticket is already preparing for their duties next year.

Alexander and Agnew said they are selecting a transition committee to begin to formulate their executive branch for next year.

Although Torey Alston and Yvette Wilmoth did not win the election, they still plan to serve the student body next year.

“I will continue to serve the students through SGA and organizations to ensure that FAMU moves forward,” said Alston. “I encourage all A&W supporters and those who did not vote to stand behind the new president and vice president.”

Compared to last year, the SGA presidential elections drew large campaign teams and higher attendance at the debate.

Another big race, the race for Miss FAMU, was also decided. Kimberly Brown, a 20-year-old junior public relations student from Montgomery, Ala., swept the competition, winning more votes than all of the other candidates combined with 1555 votes.

After the results were announced, one of Brown’s campaign members called her, and she came to Set to see for herself. Brown said she’s still in shock.

“I don’t feel it,” said a tearful Brown as she hugged nearby supporters. “I’ll probably be excited tomorrow.

As for Mr. FAMU, Hasan Flake, who was unopposed, claimed the position.

The man who will represent FAMU as King of Orange and Green next year is Travaris Russell. Russell beat out opponent Brandon Donaldson by 535 votes.

Jina Haynes won the sophomore attendant position, beating Carmen Boyer.

Eight junior senator positions were available, and all of the junior senators up for re-election won.

Edwin Pearson and Robert Mitchell will represent the seniors next year as they step into their new posts as senior class president and vice president.

The Myers and Bland Administration who served the freshman students this year were unopposed as they ran for sophomore class president and vice president.

While many students were excited about the results, tensions were also high after the results were announced.

Officers with the FAMU Police Department escorted Elijah Bowdre, a freshman senator, from The Set after witnesses said members of an unknown support team surrounded him and a physical confrontation was about to occur.

Other students expressed their approval of the results by praising the overall election process.

Jasmine Mitchell, a 20-year-old general studies student from Miami is happy with the election results.

“I think the people who were chosen will do a really good job representing this university,” Mitchell said.

There will be a runoff election Thursday for the other races.

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