BOT change is a good idea

With all of the changes in the University, Gov. Jeb Bush added another one.

Bush decided not to reappoint FAMU Board of Trustees Chairman James Corbin to the school’s board Thursday.

One may think that someone is setting FAMU up for failure. It can be viewed as a conspiracy that Bush appoints people to the BOT who will argue against and hinder the University’s progress. They could also believe Bush is picking the members of the BOT and does not have FAMU’s best interest at heart.

However, a change in the BOT is just what the University needs.

It is a good thing to start fresh and get rid of the people who are affiliated with the negativity of the Gainous administration.

Several members of the Gainous administration have caused problems for the University, and the BOT haphazardly backed up all bad decisions Gainous made. For example, the Athletic Department’s retroactive I-A move that caused unnecessary negative publicity for the University.

Perhaps the change will bring credibility to the board by bringing in someone new. The new BOT chair, W. George Allen will have a tough job ahead of him. He will have to set his personal agenda aside and focus on what is best for the University and how to move FAMU forward.

This change will provide the University with some stability if Allen develops a clear plan on how to bring the University back to college of the year status.

Rehnquist’s continued absence may prove problematic

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to address major issues including public displays of the Ten Commandments, the possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the juvenile death penalty and Internet file-sharing.

However, one major issue lies in the high court itself.

The court announced Friday that Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist will be absent next week when the court assembles for the second half of its term. According to the high court’s spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg, Rehnquist will miss the first two weeks of oral arguments. Although he will be absent from court, Arberg noted that the chief would follow the cases, read transcripts, attend conferences and vote on decisions.

This is really no surprise to the public. Rehnquist has been reportedly working from home. And since his surgery to remove prostate cancer, Rehnquist has made only one public appearance, and at that time appeared extremely feeble.

Strikingly, President George W. Bush has not spoken of any possible successors to the Chief Justice, but a battle may begin to brew in the White House if Rehnquist’s condition does not improve.

Because of Rehnquist’s condition, it is speculated that he will step down from his position and leave the seat vacant for the first time in more than 10 years. Even some Republicans are fund-raising and waging campaigns for a conservative nominee. Democrats are also preparing for a fight to win this opening.

Iraq, Iran and North Korea may not be the only disagreements that divide an already at odds Congress in 2005.

Let’s hope Rehnquist shapes up to avoid such a clash.