“Recharging the Mission, Mobilizing the Vision”

“Recharging the Mission, Mobilizing the Vision”

AAA Everyday, ALL Day – Students First* Improve communication through an external bi-weekly newspaper published by SGA* Institute a University-wide Students First Week* Provide a Help Desk in the Student Services Center to yield assistance and guidance throughout campus* Unify the efforts of the class presidents with Student Government to addressthe needs of all students* Support the Intramural Sports Programs through enhanced playing facilities,advertisements, and player recognition

AAA Roadside Assistance* Petition for more temporary parking in convenient locations and alternativesto towing* Enhance lighting in all student-parking facilities* Increase Bus Route Visibility throughout campus and adequate signage at allstops* Endorse the need for a new bus stop on Monroe and Magnolia

AAA Academic Membership and Financial Services* Introduce an online database to locate available scholarships* Launch a toll-free line (1-800-NET-CHECK) to monitor financial aid progress* Continue to advocate student activities and services at the FAMU-FSU Collegeof Engineering and FAMU Law School* Offer discounted preparatory courses for the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and CLAST* Return FAMU to its national prominence in the recruitment of NationalAchievement Scholars

AAA Student Facilities’ Improvements* Expand Café hours of operation for maximum student availability* Implement a 3-yr. Master Plan to revitalize the William H. Gray Core Plaza asthe social and educational hub for student life* Emphasize the urgency for the completion of the second phase of the StudentRecreation Center* Generate an enhanced Technology Checkout System in Coleman Library (i.e.laptops, projectors, and graphing calculators)* Raise the awareness of the new wing in the Black Archives Building throughinnovative programming

AAA Housing and Health Insurance* Work to ensure the schedule outlined in the MGT Housing study is vigorouslyimplemented* Establish a Police Substation in the William H. Gray Core Plaza forsurveillance of the female dorms and surrounding areas* Install Internet-ready computers in the dorm lobbies (i.e. Gibbs, Truth,McGuinn, Palmetto/Phase III complex)* Secure health insurance options for Graduate Students* Publicize the services of the FAMU Clinic using various forms of media (i.e.FAMU-20, FAMUan, 90.5)

AAA Road wise Review – Alumni Relations* Collaborate with the National Alumni Association to provide innovativeprogramming initiatives* Encourage all students to become ardent supporters of the Student NationalAlumni Association* Acquire two-way communication between the Alumni and the student body through monthly electronic bulletins* Coordinate opportunities for City Clubs to meet the leadership of theirrespective Alumni Associations

AAA Agenda for Activism* Fight against harmful tuition/fee increase initiatives* Lobby the Florida Legislature for increased appropriations for campusconstruction projects* Protect the Bright Futures and Pre-paid Scholarship Programs* Guarantee a fair and timely Presidential Search with student input (i.e.Presidential candidates’ forums and receptions)* Ensure financial stability within the Athletic Department throughparticipation with the university budget process