2005 SGA Presidential Candidates

This semester, The Famuan is pleased to present its coverage of the spring 2005 SGA Elections. Below are the platforms for SGA President and Vice President. The platforms we received for other races can be found at http://www.thefamuan.com.

Take time to review each ticket’s plans for the next year. Then, go out to the debate at 7 p.m. Monday in Lee Hall to hear them explain their platforms. Finally, go out to vote Tuesday. The precincts will be listed in Monday’s issue of The Famuan.

AAA Students First

* Institute a University-wide Students First Week

* Provide a Help Desk in the Student Services Center to provide help and assistance throughout campus

* Unify class presidents with Student Government to address student needs

* Support the Intramural Sports programs through enhanced playing facilities, advertisements and player recognition

AAA Roadside Assistance

* Petition for more temporary parking in convenient locations and enhance lighting in all student parking facilities

* Increase Bus Route visibility throughout campus and adequate signage at all stops and endorse the need for a new bus stop on Monroe Street and Magnolia Drive

AAA Academic and Financial Services

* Introduce an Online database to locate available scholarships

* Launch a toll-free line (1-800-NET-CHECK) to monitor financial aid

* Continue to advocate student activities and services at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and FAMU College of Law

* Offer discounted preparatory courses for the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and CLAST

AAA Student Facilities Improvements

* Expand Cafe hours of operation for maximum student availability

* Implement a 3-year master plan to revitalize the William H. Gray Core Plaza

* Work for the completion of the second phase of the Student Recreation Center

* Generate an enhanced Technology Checkout System in Coleman Library

AAA Housing and Health Insurance

* Work to ensure the schedule outlined in the MGT Housing Study is vigorously implemented

* Establish a Police Substation in the William H. Gray Core Plaza for surveillance of the female dorms

* Install Internet-ready computers in the dorm lobbies

* Secure health insurance options for Graduate Students and publicize the services of the FAMU Clinic using various forms of media

AAA Road wise Review – Alumni Relations

*Acquire two-way communication between the Alumni and the student body through monthly bulletins

* Coordinate opportunities for city clubs to meet the leadership of their respective alumni associations

AAA Agenda for Activism

* Fight against harmful tuition/fee increase initiatives

* Lobby the Florida Legislature for increased appropriations for campus construction projects

* Protect the Bright Futures and Pre-paid Scholarship Programs

* Guarantee a fair and timely presidential search with student input

* Ensure financial stability within the Athletic Department through participation with the university budget process