Waiting for sex until marriage: Priceless

Don’t “do it” until you recite your marriage vows and say “I do.”

Has abstaining from pre-marital sex been put in the same category as the 8-track? Like the 8-track, it is unmistakable that the young adults of today are either vaguely aware of such a notion or maybe just do not give a crap.

R. Kelly once told us that there ain’t “nothin’ wrong with a little bump n’ grind.” For all the people of proper English I’m talking about doing the nasty, knocking boots, getting laid, or… oh yeah, as my mother would so adequately state it, having sexual intercourse.

Sex is a topic that can be discussed for countless hours, but unfortunately, we are all short on time.

I have my beliefs, as does everybody else. I believe one should wait until matrimony.

With “Temptation Island” polluting broadcast television, Howard Stern infecting the radio, and Lil’ Kim still having a record deal, it is the apparent actuality that sex is encouraged in American culture. Not only is it encouraged, but it also has been given the label of being pleasurable entertainment for the activity-seeking unmarried individual.

As long as you “wrap it up” before insertion, the popular culture pats you on the back, gives you the green light with a smile and shoves you into a sensational situation. In high school I had a promiscuous friend who would love it here at FAMU. Not only would he be away from the Rev. Mom, but he wouldn’t have to pay for his handy dandy rubbers. They give those out at the Student Health Services Center.

FAMU is a freak’s best friend.

I am not attempting to color myself innocent, but it disturbs me when three people independent of one another attempt to issue me a free bag of condoms.

Possessing a Magnum condom in my hand leaves me no other option but to contemplate about “married folks business.”

I am very aware of the astronomical rates that blacks are contracting STDs, especially at our institution of higher learning. I also am not ignorant of the fact that there are a lot of sexually active students, a lot of which seem to be competing to see how many sexual partners they can encounter before they crossover.

I can’t tell you how many naive people I have heard broadcast that they engage in unprotected sex with the “love of their life” and swear that person is being faithful. I am not saying anyone in a relationship should be skeptical. I am saying that if you are not married, you should be intelligent enough to not entrust your partner with your health.

Please use protection if you decide to engage in sex.

If you ignore the divorce rate, realistically speaking, if people did not do what so many religions forbid us from doing – having sex before marriage – STDs wouldn’t be as huge an issue as it is today.

Buddha said, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”

Just like Retro Nike Air Jordan’s and throwback jerseys came back in style, abstaining from pre-marital sex needs to follow suit. The only thing is abstaining from pre-marital sex is not a fad – it’s not going to die out.

Sex is a great thing, but it’s not an act you engage in when you need a break from classwork.

Ladies and Gentlemen we all need not sell ourselves short because that special gift between our legs is worth a lot and marriage is the price.

Siraaj Sabree is a sophomore newspaper journalism student from Miami. He can be reached at bree_305@yahoo.com.