Vote wisely in SGA election

FAMU SGA elections are an exciting part of the year for most students. Like in national elections, students should exercise their right to vote.

Candidates campaigning for different positions put their all into winning the position that they are seeking. They aspire to get every student vote that they can.

Students vote in campus elections for different reasons, but many vote for certain candidates based on who gives them free food, T-shirts and other items. On the other hand, some students vote or campaign for candidates because they want to be affiliated with certain organizations. However, students do not seem to understand how important it is to wisely choose campus leaders to help the campus to prosper.

It is a great sacrifice and a privilege to hold a position on campus. The student leaders have an opportunity to portray this University in a positive light to recruit students to the institution. And when these students are voted in to office, it is the student body’s job to hold them accountable.

If students vote for the wrong reasons then they are not thinking about the betterment of the University they attend. Students should pay attention to the platforms of the candidates and how they plan to execute them.

Any person voted into a campus position should be voted in because he or she is the best person for that position and can uphold all that position requires. Holding a position at a Historically Black College or University is an important opportunity to show other schools and recruiters what black students are about. Thus, students cannot afford to give important positions to anyone.

Next step for Bush: Iran

Now that President George W. Bush has safely conquered the Iraqi government, one can be sure to see another dictator-style attack.

This time, it’s Iran.

It has been speculated that Bush and his entire administration are ready to take over yet another country.

Though the administration claims this is just another way of diffusing democracy worldwide, the words that came from the mouth of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may suggest otherwise.

If Iran doesn’t “cooperate” with the U.S. and halt its nuclear program, Rice said, “the next steps are in the offing.”

Although Rice’s “next step” refers to the involvement of the United Nations, the undertone suggests another U.S.-led invasion on a country in the Middle East.

So, why isn’t Bush concerned about North Korea and its nuclear program? Maybe it’s because North Korea can give him a run for his money.

Instead of correcting the wrongs in the U.S., Bush has devoted all of his interest in the Middle East and other countries abroad.

This is very evident in his proposed budget, which came out earlier this month.

Just like his State of the Union Address, the budget focuses primarily on foreign policy.

Since when has foreign policy been more important than a nation’s domestic policy and issues? Well, since Bush decided to take over this nation and every other nation he possibly could.

This administration seems to be becoming its own nation’s “Axis of Evil.”

And it’s all thanks to our great president.