All I’ll Ever Need

Your existence makes my soul shiver and feels me with delightYour presence helps me find my way through the dark even when there`s no lightYou entice me with your kisses that sendme on a natural highThe caress of your hands could make tears pour from my eyesThe sweet whispers of your words into my ears can cause me to yellI have beenwaiting for this for so long; now I can finally exhale I feel joy in your presence and warmth in your touchThese are some of the reasons why I carefor you so much butI can`tfigure out exactly what it isin you that makes me burnAll I know is when you`re gone it`s only you that I yearn To be with, to be held by…. shoot I`ll swim the ocean to get close to youClimb a mountain, walk ten miles and believe everyword I`m saying is trueMentally, and emotionally I`m affected by your actionsYouprovide me with pleasure and passion that leave me with a smile of satisfactionCall it a life long dream come true or my destinyWhatever it is with you I know love is all I needThe love you give me provides me with more that anything else ever couldI could never do with out it and I don`t ever think I wouldYou`re my Thane, my Prince, no love you`re my KingAnd I know as long as I`m with you love is all I`ll ever need