Hitch: Sap-filled viewer’s delight

A perfect mix for quite possibly the cutest date movie of the year, Andy Tennant’s “Hitch” is as entertaining as it is mushy.

The film opens with three down-on-their-luck losers’ stories being narrated by date doctor Alex Hitchins (Will Smith), who helps them find love in a five-minute clip montage. He provides basic rules, suggestions, conversation and etiquette to help the men land women far out of their leagues.

Hitchins’ consulting is only provided for the unlucky in love for dire situations. He screens his clients with files and photos before taking the case and potential customers can only contact him with a number from a small, black James Bond-ish card.

That’s how Hitch comes across his most difficult case yet, Albert Brennaman (Kevin James).

Brennaman, a dowdy accountant, is madly in love with heiress Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta), who doesn’t even know he’s alive. Enter Hitchins to help the sap woo his woman.

While schooling the less than charming suitor, Hitchins himself meets Sara Melas (Eva Mendes) and begins a relationship. But Hitchins’ ever so smooth persona just never seems to be prepared for the feisty Melas.

Mendes and Smith have fire on screen – enough to make you wonder how things are going in the Pinkett-Smith homestead.

The movie, however, is sap heavy. From the scene where Hitchins is out in the rain catching his college girlfriend with another guy to the finale (which I shall leave a mystery). Let’s just say you can see a happy ending before the opening credits.

What you’ll receive unexpectedly are the moments in which Smith, at his finest, comedically spars with James. Tee-hee indeed.

“Hitch” is probably the first movie in which I laughed at a scene I had already viewed in a trailer about a 100 times. The off-kilter banter between the two actors just catches you off guard.

The best part of “Hitch” though is the premise, “Any man has the ability to sweep any woman off her feet; All he needs is the right broom.”

There is definitely something for everyone in “Hitch”. For the ladies, there’s Will Smith as Hitchins – being ever so handsome and charming with laugh out loud moments of “what in the world?” hilarity. For the men, Sony pictures has furnished the dollars for Eva Mendes as Melas to have curve-hugging outfits in every cut and color.

The syrupy Valentine’s Day sentiment alights the every day observations of odd couples and mismatches, opting instead for the “there’s someone for everyone” school of thought which many do not subscribe to.

For what it’s worth, spending a few dollars tonight to see a cute movie with your special someone might not be the worst investment you ever make. But make sure you don’t leave your lady unattended because some guy in the audience just might be paying attention. It happened while I was viewing the movie.

Grade B-

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