Food fight shuts down the Cafe´

FAMUPD evacuated the Student Service Center Wednesday night because of an alleged food fight that is said to have been planned.

The campus dining hall was shut down around 6 p.m. when students became unruly, and fear for the safety of workers became an issue. No one was injured in the incident.

“A big ruckus was going on and drinks were flying around,” said John Marsh, a 19-year-old broadcast journalism student from Detroit.

The staff shut down the upstairs portion of the cafeteria because of the food fight.

“I was upset because I had ketchup and mustard on my back,” Marsh said.

Marsh informed students walking to the Student Service Center building that the dining hall was closed because of a food fight.

Cafeteria Service Manager Mary Brown closed the facility to control the situation. Brown directed questions to Shelita Nelson, general manager of Sodexho Alliance, a food management service that provides food for the University.

“I don’t have proof. But this was planned from what I hear,” Nelson said.

Denyzeaus Wright said when he entered the cafeteria, it looked as if the food fight had already began.

“Ms. Brown locked the room and students were not allowed to enter or exit,” said the 17-year-old freshman biology student from West Palm Beach. “It looked liked it started from the VIP rooms.”

The VIP rooms are the sectioned off rooms in the dining hall.

“They are throwing apples and oranges and they can hurt someone or even my staff,” Nelson said.

Nelson said according to the food service contract, once something similar to Wednesday’s incident takes place, the cafeteria is to be shut down. She said that every year there is a different situation and she just wants the students to understand that they are in college.

Once the situation was controlled and the cafeteria was cleaned up, the room was reopened for business.

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