Female students voice opinions in survey

Disclaimer: This survey is not an accurate portrayal of all the women’s views on this campus, since only a small portion was surveyed. This is an article meant to aid men in comprehending what women on this campus want. All the information and comments were derived from a qualitative survey given to a small portion of women who attend Florida A&M University.

There are many things that can factor into a man and a woman coming together, the women of FAMU told what they are looking for before they commit their half of that bond.

Women first said how they feel appearance affects them. The first thing women said they notice when they see men is their smile. They like a good smile.

Another interesting fact many people may have not heard before, concern a man’s shoes. Many women commented if a man cannot take care of his shoes, he cannot take care of a woman. They also said that they like men who can dress.

“Men don’t take pride in how they look,” Ashleigh Givens said, a 22-year-old a four Pharmacy Doctorate Candidate from Tampa. Women said the significance of outside appearance is “somewhat important.” Many women said that they do like a man who is cut, with nice physical features, but they would rather their men be able to lift thoughts and ideas and not just weights.

One of the next big topics that women brought up was personality. It was chosen to have listeners over talkers. They said that women like to talk, so they don’t want someone who talks just as much as them. Women believe too much talk from both ends will result in conflicting personalities, which might lead to arguments.

“I don’t want to have to fight for the microphone.” Eboni Thompson said, a 19 -year-old freshman elementary education student from Maryland. “Yes, women want a man who talks, but it is better if he can lend an ear.”

The No. 1 pick for personality trait was humor. It was admitted women want a man that can make them smile. It was made clear that they don’t want it to always be jokes and laughs. Time in place is the key, they don’t want a man who cannot be serious.

Sticking to personality traits, the next pick after humor was cordiality. Women want a man who can be compassionate when need be. After cordiality was intelligence.

Now that the basics are out the way, women spoke out about what they think about relationships.

It was said they preferred long lasting relationships, with the potential to become more. Many of the women felt that if you are going to get into a relationship in this stage of your life, it should be a serious one.

Communication is said to be the foundation of a relationship. They want a man who not only listens, but also one who knows how to convey his feelings. Women expressed in order for a relationship to work there has to be good communication

Despite many assumptions women agreed money is not an issue. Many commented that money is not important but it is a plus. Women said in college every one is broke, but they want men with ambition and drive.

O.S. Lamar, who works in FAMU’s English department, has said numerous times, “You have to fake it ’til you make it.”

Renee A. Cantave, a 19-year old sophomore English student from Miami said, “If you don’t have the financial stability presently…fine. However, plans for the future should definitely be laid.”

It is time to get into the problems that men have today.

It is thought that men have a tendency to cheat, and though John Legend said that “She don’t have to know,” women would rather you tell them the truth.

Lastly, the approach seems to be what can make or break men. This is what has been chosen as the No. 1 mistake that men make when trying to court a woman. There are a lot of factors to this simple introduction, which men make too complicated. Women said they are not animals. So the hisses, shouting, whistles, snaps, etc. have to go. Women feel disrespected when being approached by men in that way. Men violate them by touching them without permission trying to gain their attention. Women preached men need to be discarded along with those tired pick-up lines.

Women also believe men aren’t themselves when they try to approach a woman. Women responded that this type of action is a turn off because men try too hard to “spit game,” women advised the best game you can bring is yourself.

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