Silent I Miss You


You shouldn’t have to ask me if I miss you you should already knowyou should be able to hear my heart cry for youand my soul laugh at what we used to havenot only I miss you but when I close my eyes I see us togetherdoing things I know we’ll probably never doand saying things my mouth is to scared to voicebut I do miss youbadly…sadly…one question baby, why?why do we play when life is so real and hurt is so pain still. we’re too vaintoo self conscious and we think we’re freewhen we can’t even express the feelings that kill us so deeplyI still think about you when I’m drunk and so high that I get sleepyall this pressure in my heart, pressure in my mindall because of mankindprideselfish pride got me fighting all the feelings I feel insideI miss you, I dobut will my mouth ever tell you? probably never so I’ll sit here and pray one day you’re hear my heart cry and my soul laugheven though you can’t and we’ll never be togetherbut I do miss you.