For the Sistas


From the first time I saw you, my head was in the cloudsTraveling the course of outer planetary realmsBut you brought me back to earth with that beautiful faceDelicate lips, style and graceYou’re all that, complexion is butter with a hint of cinnamonIntelligence level makes you all the more interestingProud radiance of a strong black womanYou navigate me through uncharted directionsAnd elevate my heart beat pass a healthy signYou’re Nefertiti, the queen of Sheba, Halley Berry all rolled in oneThe chosen oneBlessed by God with the image of perfectionYou navigate my heart through uncharted directionTowards the land of love and we’ll drift offSlowly with you in my arms for eternityOur spirits should be tied together foreverThe most beautiful girl in the eyes of a princeI’d sacrifice my life to give you my very last centJust to feel your essence is a blessing to meI get high off your presence your connecting to meTill the day death does us part I love your heartAttitude, style and everything elseI’m uncloaking my feelings, tired of thinking in stealthI wanna hold your hand while we’re walking down the aisleI wanna be your man regardless of circumstanceGrowing old together sounds good to meYou could never be too bourgeois or too hood for meI’m feeling you as is, no need to changelet’s have us some bad kids to grow and tame. A letter to black queens, these are timeless thoughts