the sweetness that oozes from my pores like warm honeythick and sugaryattracts you like the bee to my honeycomb

i feel like i should take you and run like some precious jewel in an hourglass of sand

the man in you makes the woman in me tremblebut not from fear.

i have spent many nights staring up at a plastered ceilingthinking of youand that mouthwishing for 1000 plus kissesand the fulfillment of each and every one of mysecret wishes

but its not just the heat and flamesthere’s the chemistry.separately we’re elements, harmlesstogether we’re compounds, volatile perhaps when we mix

as the days wind downmy heart beats fasterperhaps it has already made the connectionat the end of the countdown, there you’ll beall man, warmth, strengththat little goatee begging me to—-but i’ll be a good girland let you make the first move.