Change could be positive

Everyone knows about the financial problems that this University has had in the past. The missed financial statement deadline in 2003 and the million-dollar debt are just a few.

Now, Florida legislators are putting forth an effort to help FAMU improve business practices. A legislative committee, the Joint Legislature Auditing Committee, to be exact, agreed to have individuals from the Auditor General’s Office and the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability to visit Interim President Castell V. Bryant, according to an article in Tuesday’s Tallahassee Democrat.

Although it is a shame that those on the outside must come on the inside to assist with the University’s financial problems, this may be another step toward FAMU reclaiming the recognition it deserves.

Could the change in leadership be the reason for the Institution’s new outlook on existence?

According to Trustee James Corbin, this is exactly the reason.

In the same article, “Lawmakers Offer FAMU a Hand,” Corbin said that problems arise at the top of the administration.

However, in concurrence with State Rep. Victor Crist, one person cannot be the ultimate reason for the major issues FAMU has. Several persons are responsible.

So, does this mean that Bryant should rid the University of administrators from Gainous’ reign?

Maybe so.

Even with the help of state lawmakers and the acceptance from Bryant, students and faculty will see a difference in the functionality of the University’s financial operations, all for the better of FAMU.

Forward movement should be applauded

World peace.

This is an idea that would please the hearts of many. However, world peace can only start when fighting nations create peaceful environments with each other.

According to, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas came to an agreement to stop violent attacks between their cities.

The step to peace begins with communication and these two leaders have taken that step. The next step is going to prove to be a difficult task: action. The two leaders will have to persuade their people to adhere to their goal and set a plan to make sure that it works.

Their efforts should be applauded and remembered.

In America, we have been fighting each other for decades. Whether it is because of sex, religion, handicap or race, we have not figured out how to take action in order to bring about national peace.

Perhaps, the leaders of America and its communities should take notes from the Israeli Prime Minister and the Palestinian leader and get together to talk peace. Then they should put aside their personal agendas and take action to put the results of their talk in order.

The one word theme for America this year should be: Forward. In everything we do, we should move forward. Forgiveness is one of the first ways we can move forward toward peace. A&S charges subjectively.