Turn up the heat with seductive scents

Imagine walking into the house on February 14, and seeing the space in front of you dimly lit with candles spread sporadically around the room. All the lights are out, there’s a soft love song playing in the background, and there is an array of body oils sitting by the bed just calling your name. Now imagine that special someone laying across the bed wearing your favorite outfit that makes them look sexier than ever. You can tell that your man or woman has put a lot of time and effort into making this night special for you, but the one thing that has ruined the entire night is that horrendous scent they’re wearing. To stop a perfect night from going sour, here are a few fragrances that we came up with to give that special person in your life a gift that benefits both of you.

For Her

The fragrance perfectly made for Valentine’s Day is Amor Amor by Cacharel. Inside a rose red bottle, this perfume smells like a good mix of Starbursts and roses.

It comes in two gift sets: one holds a 3.4 oz bottle of perfume ($55.00), and the other holds a 3.4 oz bottle and shower gel ($87.50). Both gift sets should come with a red and white purse (free with any $42.50 purchase).

Lacoste pour femme smells like a bathroom covered by air freshener but the newer Lacoste: Touch of Pink is a very fruity fragrance with a very pretty bottle that fades from white to pink.

For Him

A great fragrance for men is Lacoste pour homme, it smells like vanilla and sandalwood. It’s sexy, very very sexy (box sets $44.00 with two 3.3 oz bottles). Lacoste style and play (red) smells just like the original with less vanilla and comes in a box set with aftershave, cologne and deodorant for $58.00.

Swiss Army smells like peppermint and soap, but not in the church usher way – in the “that boy is fine and he smells like Sunday and showers” way.

La Toya’s pick of the week (for her): DKNY Be Delicious

The fragrance is a heavenly mix of green apples, magnolia, and cucumber melon ($62.00 for 3.4 oz).

It even looks like a green apple with a green glass bottle and a metallic stem for the spray top.

Whitney’s pick of the week (for him):

Polo Blue is dizzyingly sweet but light, it makes your head spin in that good way, that’s why it scored high on my favorite fragrance monitor.

Latoya Lewis and Whitney Whitehead are sophomore fashion design and marketing students from Pensacola and Phillips Ranch, Calif., respectively.

Contact them at simplystrikingdivas@ yahoo.com