Jackson fan blames parents

I have always had a strange and shameful love for Michael Jackson’s music, from “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” to “Scream.”

I was not like the screaming and crying Europeans that dared him to hang the baby out of the window, but more like a listener who, unbeknownst to anyone, likes to turn on the music in the quiet of his bedroom and rock the night away.

This all leads me to write about my favorite, freaky rock star.

I love his music. But I am really concerned and confused about his recent dramatic debacle. I do not know if he did the deed with the children. Frankly, I do not care. I think the issue we all need to raise is what kind of parents allow this to happen to their children.

The love of the almighty dollar got completely out of hand.

There are cautions to take. My mom and dad would not let me go play with a grown man alone or under the supervision of people on his payroll.

My parents taught me not to sleep in a bed with just anyone. It should set off an alarm when a 30-year-old man wants children to sleep in his bed with him.

For some people, money makes many societal transgressions not quite as bizarre, gruesome and disgusting as they would be if done by regular people.

Celebrities often make a complete mockery of societal rules and regulations. Just because their faces are recognizable from television shows, or they are known for their opulent wealth, even the best pop rock never means that they are immune to the general distrust.

I am glad I grew up when people were snatching children from every available street corner. The creed of my comrades was: stranger means danger. There were strategic parenting tactics and times specifically allotted to keep children safe from the infidel pedophiles and kidnappers.

I am not sure about the way Michael makes me feel now. I am not too confident that everything happening in Neverland Ranch was simply boyhood fun. I hope in my heart of hearts that he didn’t do it, and the people are just money-hungry perverts.

Then again, this is just make believe.

Mark Carter is a senior philosophy/religion student from Tallahassee. He can be reached at famuanopinions@hotmail.com.