Re: Blacks: Reclaim Your Pride

I appreciate your article in The Famuan entitled, Blacks: Reclaim Your Pride. It was a passionate delivery with an important message. Most won’t value your intellect,pride, or courage in conveying the message that you did. I believe that your efforts deserve notice though. Well written article, stay conscience. One thing to consider though, when comparing Blacks with other minority groups. Our experience as Africans in this America has been very much different from other groups. We have suffered approximately served 300 years of slavery, 100 years of legal disenfranchisement, 60 years of civil rights retrieval, and another 40 odd years struggling to gain opportunity and create change dispite circumstance. Our experience is different from the rest. We must play with the cards that were dealt. But metephorically speaking, I don’t feel it wrong that the same distant uncle who molested us as a child should be forced to pay for his transgressions. Seeking “handouts” as a means of reaching the shores of opportunity can’t be a bad thing. Only when they are misused and then depended upon. Pride is needed. Consciousness is needed. Change has yet to come. But those issues must be addressed before we decide to segregate our development and independently pursue liberation. Something to consider. Stay true.

-J. Pumper