Lies burden, hurt relationships

When it come to relationships, cheating is a common term that everyone becomes familiar with at least once in his or her lifetime, whether through first-hand experience or helping someone else. But has anyone ever stopped and asked themselves why?

Cheating, by definition, means to deceive by trickery or to mislead. This is what many people, young and old, male and female, have been doing for centuries.

My question is why?

To cheat, you must fabricate stories, and not just any old stories. These well thought-out, perfectly put together lies must be unquestionably convincing, thus, taking up much-needed time and effort.

To cheat, you have to waste time. What people do not understand is, if you tell the truth you spare feelings, and take a large amount of stress off yourself.

You no longer have to erase phone numbers, and come up with clever answers to the infamous questions that confront every cheater.

“Why haven’t you answered any of my phone calls?”

“Whose number is this?”

“Who keeps calling and hanging up?”

Cheating is like a part-time job. You not only have to remember names, dates and personal information, but it is also a necessity for you to be on top of your game 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Never must a cheater slip up or confuse partners, even when the other person knows your situation. Both people want your time and attention, which means you are voluntarily putting yourself in a difficult situation. Now, instead of having the ability to enjoy your relationship, you must treat it like a regular 9-to-5.

You have to be calculating and manipulating with the ability to convince your partner to ignore their intuition. That can take a lot out of anyone, even a professional cheater.

Time is incredibly important, a vital entity that is always wasted on lies. Why not just leave the person, do what you do and then give the relationship another try. Because, obviously something is not working for you.

Cheaters may answer that question with, “I want to have my cake and eat it too,” but to them, I say, “No, you are just selfish and foul.”

Cheaters sneak and creep behind their partners’ backs. All the while, they lead on both their significant other and their one on the side.

Not only does the main lover hurt after a cheater is busted, but the cheater can also damage the one on the side as well. They may have been under the impression of being the only one.

Even when the one on the side knows about the girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, you are still wasting time. They (other person) can become angry because nine times out of 10, the cheater wants to be with their main lover, and not the newly recruited flunkey.

Since cheaters are clearly scared to communicate with their partner, partially in fear of not having their “cake,” they are habitual liars who cannot communicate to save their lives. They waste time and continue to make up outlandish stories just to satisfy their own appetite.

I think it is time for everyone to let everything out. Stop stressing yourself out and wasting time. Everyone only has one life to live and time is always of the essence. So, just tell your partner the truth about why you are unhappy, or leave them. Let go of the dead weight.

Katrelle Simmons is a freshman magazine production student from Orlando. Contact her at