Venture to the Unknown

As soon as you walk into the Samsara Boutique, you automatically feel warmer. You step off the cold street to find yourself in a warm, colorful, laid-back shopping environment greeted by the accommodating owner, Coretta Hutson

With its green and yellow painted walls and hangers drizzled with fluorescent paint, you cannot help but to get into the shopping spirit. It is so laid-back, you feel free to take your time and enjoy the atmosphere. We did, spending a whole two hours scouring the multihued racks.

The boutique was empty when we walked in, placing Hutson’s full attention on us. This was one of the best things about shopping at Samsara, the one-on-one setting. Huston was ready to help us piece together outfits, give her own stylish opinion and work with us on customized outfit ideas. It was like having a store shut down, just for us, allowing ample time to relax, chat and shop.

Located between Jefferson Commons and the car wash, Samsara sells clothes for men and women. It is the place to get vintage Levi’s, belt buckles, sunglasses, jewelry, purses, hat, and button downs. They also have specially made Cosmo dresses, Creative Recreation exclusive sneakers, which you can order from New York, and clothing that can be customized to your own personal taste.

Simply Striking Styles

We put together three outfits just to showcase a few degrees of heat that Samsara has to offer.

The first outfit, which we call “Chocolate Caddy,” features a leopard purse with a gold safety pin strap ($25); chandelier earrings ($15); a custom-made orange and brown silk tie bracelet ($14.50); newsboy hat ($21.50); and a Cybelle Double Dutch tank ($20.80).

Outfit No. 2 has a “Rainbow Bright” kind of feel and has a custom made rainbow Bob Marley skirt ($44.50); white Bob Marley tee by Zion Roots Wear ($21.50), which we safety pined in the middle to give it a pyramid look; red chandelier earrings ($10); and custom made red clutch purse ($65).

Our “Everyday Around the Way” look has: Gucci sunglasses ($25); customized jean skirt with rear pockets in front ($34); Pescada “Forever Loving Jah” tee ($24.50); green chandelier earrings ($10); beaded necklace (around hand) ($25), green and khaki Fedora hat, ($27).

From Florida to Canada and from California to New York, it does not matter where you are, or where you are from; Samsara Boutique is the place to go if you are looking for unique fashions with a Caribbean twist.

Latoya Lewis and Whitney Whitehead are sophomore fashion design and marketing students from Pensacola and Phillips Ranch, Calif. Contact them at