Hotel Rwanda

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There is a very important film being shown at the Tallahassee Mall called “Hotel Rwanda”. I think that we ought to go to the 7:15 show on Friday to see Hotel Rwanda. Don Cheadle is nominated for best actor in this film. Here is the information about it:

Based on a true story, director Terry George’s war-time drama is set in Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali during the 1994 civil genocide. When the Hutu majority starts massacring the Tutsi population, Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle), the Hutu manager of a luxury hotel, bravely fends off the bloodthirsty militia and corrupt army to save his Tutsi wife, children, neighbors and more than 1,200 other refugees who seek sanctuary at the resort.

Spread the word about this film to everyone you know in Tallahassee to go and see this film. It’s being shown at the movie theater in the Tallahassee Mall. If you can’t see it at 7:15, just go and see it.

AMC Theatres in the Tallahassee Mall2415 North Monroe StTallahassee, FL 32303(850) 386-4330

Hotel Rwanda official website

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