Tennis needs encouragement

Editor’s Note: Every Monday, The Famuan Sports section will speak with a Rattler Head Coach in a feature called Coach’s Corner. This week, Sports Editor Will Brown spoke with women’s tennis Head Coach James Hargrove following a loss to Georgia Southern Saturday.

Famuan: After losing badly to nationally ranked Tulane January 16 and Georgia Southern Saturday, what do you think it will take to win a match?

Hargrove: Obviously we have to have better talent. Right now, we don’t have the talent to play Tulane or a good Georgia Southern team. We had some areas we were overmatched with.

Famuan: What do you think about there being more Georgia Southern supporters (approximately 15) than FAMU supporters (approximately 10)?

Hargrove: I think it has a lot to do with student government. They’re the ones who need to come out and support their teams. I think the student government could really step in and help bring supporters out. They (student government) have done a better job. They can’t just think of football and basketball. Come out and root us on, even if they don’t stay the entire match, come out (and) shake hands (with the athletes).

Famuan: How hard have injuries been for your team?

Hargrove: Obviously when you have an injury and you get that key player back it does make a difference. We played with five players for 90 percent of our matches last season (because of injuries to three players).

Famuan: What are your feelings on the amount of publicity your team receives from the campus media?

Hargrove: I’m sure they don’t (give us coverage). Its understandable about football and basketball (receiving coverage) because they bring in the money. When we get publicity, it helps us. If we get every faculty member to come out that would be great. We have more fans and more people at this meet than at the Tulane meet.

Famuan: With the Australian Open heading into its second week, is this a great time to get people on campus interested in tennis?

Hargrove: What would have to happen would have to be at the grassroots level. We have to get involved and get some kids to come to the matches. Let them see that there are other black tennis players other than Venus and Serena Williams.

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