Brown: Ready for a championship

What can Brown do for you?

A lot if you’re the women’s tennis team. Charlana Brown, the No. 2 singles player, has overcome a back injury in time enough to finish her final season.

Playing tennis since she was seven, Brown, a fourth year broadcast journalism student from Los Angeles, is on a full tennis scholarship.

In November 2003, while she was in the No. 1 singles position, Brown was told she had a lumbar strain after an accident in the weight room. According to assistant coach John Richards her back injury kept her out of a lot of matches last season.

“She’s one of the top two players on the team, we definitely need her,” said Richards.

Brown did exercises at home and attended orthopedic therapy twice a week last semester at Florida State University to prepare for her court return.

Saturday was the team’s first home game and second game of the season. Although the team lost as a whole to Georgia Southern University, Brown won her singles match over Ciara Finucane 6-4, 6-4.

“I’m happy to be back playing. I missed it,” Brown said. “I still have some pain, just not as bad.”

When she first injured her back, not only was she upset that she could not lead her team, she said she could not sit or stand for long periods of time with out feeling pain.

Before her lumbar strain derailed her promising career, Brown had been the team’s Rookie of the Year her freshman year, most valuable player and a first team All-MEAC selection her sophomore season after completing an undefeated year in No. 3 singles.

Even though the Rattlers are off to a tough start, Brown said she’s looking forward to an excellent season.

“With combined determination from the team I am confident that we will be FAMU Women’s MEAC conference Champions.”

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