DJ’s death should teach value of life

Death is the only part of life that does not change.

With all the deaths from the natural disasters this one hits close to home. Timothy Burroughs, a well-known local DJ known to most as Skip-A-Chuck, died of a blood clot Friday. The 23-year-old former FAMU student will be greatly missed.

Burroughs entered the homes of many music lovers for two years on one of Tallahassee’s local radio stations, Blazin’ 102.3FM. He was a student at the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering and was expected to graduate in 2006.

Use his death to remember that life is short and definitely worth living it out to the fullest. In day-to-day activities, you never know whom your life may touch or who may be gone tomorrow.

Every day could be the last. So, never take for granted any one moment. Tell that person you love them. Forgive that person you have been holding a grudge on for so long. Let go and live.

Let the death of this vibrant on-air personality be a reminder to hold all of your days dear to you and take nothing for granted, not even death.

Dictionary’s democracy not same as Bush’s plan

Four years ago, George W. Bush won the 2000 presidential elections, making him the nation’s 43rd Commander in Chief. Thursday marked the first day of his second term.

Things have changed in the past four years. Bush is now focused on spreading liberty and freedom. His entire inauguration speech was a promise to promote an American-style democracy worldwide.

What is ironic, though, is that Bush spoke very briefly about domestic policy. There was no mention of the worthless battle in Iraq or the problems facing the U.S-led mission over there. He displayed no interest in the original justifications for the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein supposedly horded or Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Qaida terrorists.

All of that was lost.

Instead Bush elaborated on foreign policy. He justified the war as being an obligation in a broad effort to promote democracy.

Bush can’t possibly understand the actual meaning of democracy. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, a democracy is a government by the people. If Bush wants to spread such a government, shouldn’t he allow the “people” to choose?

Bush is almost like a tyrant. He’s going to other countries and forcing an American way of life.

America is not a diamond in the rough. It is one of the least healthy countries in the world. It houses a deficit of billions of dollars. More importantly, it is one of the least liked countries that could possibly exist.

Bush should spread a democracy by allowing other countries to adopt their own ways of life – not the ways of America, the not so beautiful.