Career Fair to return to Tallahassee

The 2005 spring semester career fair is here.

According to Delores Dean, director of the Career Center, the fair will be held Tuesday at the Leon County Civic Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The fair has been in existence since 1989 and is offered to FAMU students by the career center.

The career fair is a great opportunity for students majoring in all areas to attend. Organizers of the fair said it is brought to Tallahassee to help students get internships and jobs upon graduation.

Dean said companies are looking for motivated students who have good communication skills and leadership abilities.

Dean added that each student should come prepared with a resume for each company that will be attending, and said students should be prepared to network with different companies and come ready for success.

Dean said there will be at least 120 companies in attendance from all different areas of employment.

“There will be hospitals, transportation, retail, business, journalism and construction,” Dean said.

“It is something there for every student, we expect about 2,000 students to attend but we need to increase the student participation.”

Students attending for the first time will enter the Civic Center and register. They will be able to look at bios from students who are employed by these companies and each student will get the privilege of having his or her resume sent to every company that was there just in case they weren’t able to get to all the companies.

Dean said all students should attend this career fair because it is a great opportunity for students to network and get the jobs and internships needed before graduation.

Tuesday Donaldson, a sophomore business management student with a concentration in marketing, said this will be her first time attending the career fair and she feels it is a great opportunity for students who are prepared. She said she saw the signs around campus and felt it was a perfect time to attend.

Some FAMU students have taken the opportunity to go to the career fair and been called for interviews for the internships and jobs they applied for.

Manuel Patterson, a senior computer science student, has been attending the career fair since his freshmen year. He said he’s been called for many interviews and received an internship in fall of 2003 with Alcoa, an aluminum manufacturing company.

“The internship was a good experience because in my field, it is important to get hands-on experience,” Patterson said.

“The internship was located in Pittsburgh and all of my expenses were paid. The internship was three months and I was offered to return again.”

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