What are men’s rights in abortion?

I recognize that the woman is the one that has to walk around campus with the stomach and swollen ankles, learning how to survive morning sickness. But the fact of the matter is the father of that child still should have some sort of influence when deciding if an abortion is the answer to this problem.

I have heard many women use the line, “I did not make this baby alone and I will not raise it alone” when the father of the child refuses to take care of his responsibility, and they are absolutely correct. But why is there a double standard? Why is it okay for the woman to decide that she will keep the baby and expect the man to take care of it? But when the father suggests that the woman should keep the child but she wants to abort, the woman then suddenly has a problem with this.

Yes it may be her body, but again, she did not make that baby alone.

When men suggest that women have abortions, they may as well just dig their own graves. But when the man decides that he wants to take care of his child and be a father and the woman wants to abort, it becomes a problem. He should be given the opportunity to decide the future of his child along with the woman.

Women should understand although it is their body and normally they may do as they please, in a situation such as this, it really is not all about you.

It is about the child – and father as well.

When women decide to just abort their children and do not discuss this with their partners, it is selfish. Again, I realize that being pregnant without being married may be and embarrassing situation, but it is a fact of life. It happens to people and it should be dealt with in an adult-like manner. The only way this can come about is if both parents make this decision.

And gentlemen, I did not forget you. If you find yourself in a situation similar to this, when all is said and done, you should probably re-evaluate your relationship with the woman in question. If she refuses to discuss this situation with you, I am sure there are other things that she will keep from you as well. When secrets such as this are kept then there is a really big problem in the relationship.

I know that situations are never as cut and dry as this seems, but the fact of the matter is the man deserves just as much input on the future of his child as the mother does.

Whether the child lives or is aborted should be up to the parents, both of them.

Sheryl M. Patterson is a senior political science student from Tallahassee. Contact her at famuanopinions@hotmail.com.