Ebony Fashion Fair livens up The Moon

Lights. Camera. Action. “Living It Up” in style, color and grace is exactly what the Ebony Fashion Fair commanded.

On Tuesday night, the world-renowned Ebony Fashion Fair showcased in Tallahassee at The Moon. This was a night to remember.

Color, dazzle, sparkle and elegance laced the interior of The Moon. Ladies were dressed in sequined ensembles, fashionable furs and adorning accessories. Men wore stylish suits, impressive neckties and polished shoes. And to believe all this appeared before the show began. That is right, the audience was dressed to impress and expecting nothing less from the models.

Beginning just before 8:10 p.m., the fashion show unmasked sophisticate high fashion. Designers from around the world such as American designer Oscar de la Renta, Italian designer Oppio and French designer Tilmann Grawe lavishly outfitted the models.

The show, hosted by former runway model Jada Jackson Collins of Orlando, featured 10 models from around the United States. The featured models were Tonya Dolphin of Richmond, Va., Tinika Hampton of Chattanooga, Tenn., Alexandria Hepburn of Oklahoma City, Oka., Andrea Keesee of Clinton, MD, Channon Monroe of Penllyn, Penn., Joslyn Pennywell of Lucky, Lou., Micah Sparks of Tulsa, Oka., Corene Stewart of Bronx, N. Y., Erica Ward of Jackson, Miss and Ronnel Blackmon of Akron, Ohio.

The style of the show was glamorous and upbeat.

The graceful models demanded attention as they sauntering down the catwalk to the beats of hip-hop and R&B. The models owned the runway.

The fashion fair, included mini skits acted out by the models, which was broken down into two acts, both having four scenes each.

The scenes emphasized color contrast, hooded garments, ruffled pieces, hip blue jeans, tropical-inspired articles, business attire, party wear and even fashions for weddings.

Every scene earned an applause of adornment from the audience.

Collectively, there were three reoccurring themes: color, accessories and multi-functioning pieces. The colors during all the scenes were vibrant. Rather it be a colorful peacock gown by Hanae Mori Couture or contrasting black and white pants suit with fire engine red accessories, color was a mainstay.

Accessories. Accessories. Accessories. A good outfit can quickly be promoted to a breathtaking fashion statement with a few small accessories or one poignant accessory. The Ebony Fashion Fair captured the true beauty of jewels, furs and feathers paired with striking ensembles.

For instance, a cowboy hat adorned with feathers completed the look of white pants suit drenched in jewels by Oppio.

And a colorful feathered garment covering the torso added pizzazz to a black skirt created by Tilmann Grawe.

The accessories, an agent used to liven up simple ensembles, were fashion statements in their own right.

“Who said Italy couldn’t be brought to the ‘hood,” asked commentator, Jada Jackson Collins.

No Collins was not talking about a neighborhood. Instead, she was speaking of Italian designers who created beautiful evening gowns with an interchangeable hood. Ladies are to wear the hood before entering a gala if the weather out is creates a little chill. Once inside the event, the ladies’ hood transforms into a train. The once hooded gown becomes an evening gown with an accompanying train.

And the multi-functional items did not stop with the gowns. In fact, there was a hat highlighted which could actually be used as a purse-off the head and onto the shoulder. Consumers love it when they can get two items for the price of one.

Admirable ideas. Great inspiration. Unique creativity.

The fashions of the Ebony Fashion Fair captured elegance, finesse and refinement at its best. The show left its audience inspired to “live it up” with fashion.

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