Do it big then!

Haute Stuff. The year of 2005 is bringing looks that are bigger, brighter and worn in bulk. Everything is in excess.

We know it’s still technically winter but the weather has been so spring-like that we decided to give you tips to revamp your wardrobe for any season from top to bottom.

Normally during the winter months, clothes are usually worn conservatively with muted colors. This year brings a whole new spin on what winter fashions have become.

This semester, go effervescent with colored eyelashes. We all know that black lashes are the hardest to color with colored mascara. Try using Shu Uemura’s colored mascara (at in Ocean Blue ($19). It only takes about two coats and your eyes will already begin to stand out. After coloring your natural lashes, you can apply a different color like Flirt! Mascara in Fuchsia Fusion ($9) on false lashes for a more amplified look. (Try using light brown false lashes so the color will stand out better).

So now that your face is picture perfect, what do you do about your wardrobe?

To brighten what would otherwise be a bland outfit, add a vibrantly colored wide belt around your midsection. This simple application does two things. It makes your outfit stand out and makes your chest appear larger and your waist look smaller. You can get a belt from Wet Seal’s clearance rack and you should not spend more than $10.

Bigger jewelry is also a must-have for the season. Try oversized rainbow bangles (as seen in the spring 2005 Dior show) to cheer up your everyday outfit.

For those of you still carrying those brown and tan Louis Vuitton brochette bags, take note; it does not make sense for everyone to have the exact same purse. Sure, sure, you got that “rare” little brochette… tell yourself whatever you want; you and I both know that everyone and their momma has that style and color.

Try restoring the look of an old purse you keep in the back of your closet by adding some charms. Use them to modify your purse and make it uniquely yours. Give thanks to the Harajuku girls from Japan who started rocking key chains on their bags. The idea took off and the charmed bags have shown up on runway after runway, including Bottega Veneta and Chanel. Coach has the best key chains. They’re pricey (key chains range around $40), but really worth it in our opinion. Check out if your hometown does not have a Coach store. If you are not willing to spare that much, try going to a Claire’s Boutique, they have an array of different charms and they run around $2.50 a piece.

Speaking of refurbishing, you know those pumps you got at Bella Donna in Governor’s Square that you’ve seen on nearly every woman’s feet on campus? Show your creative side and customize by adding a dazzling pair of rhinestones.

Don’t be afraid to stand out fashionably this season. It’s 2005, so if you’re going to do it, do it bold, do it bright and do it big.

Latoya Lewis and Whitney Whitehead are sophomore fashion design and marketing students from Pensacola and Phillips Ranch, Calif. Contact them at