Speaking through actions

Communication between two people can take place verbally and non-verbally. While many people may focus on communicating with words, body language, or non-verbal communication through the use of gestures to send messages, is just as important.

Body language is crucial when dealing with the opposite sex, particularly, on the dating scene. Members of the opposite sex often use body language to express interest or lack thereof for the other gender. It is also called using open and closed body language.

According to the Web site, http://www.womentodaymagazine.com, open body language encourages interaction and creates a feeling of warmth and openness.

Open body language, also a form of flirting, is similar between the sexes. Both sexes show interest in the opposite by first establishing eye contact. After an initial eye connection is made, the flirting game ensues.

A smile accompanied with a quick glance often sends the signal of interest, which indicates openness. Women frequently fondle their hair, while men may stroke their beard. Perhaps women apply lip-gloss.

Men may apply lip balm, but often a quick dampening of the lips works. Just ask LL Cool J. As found on the Web site, leaning in the direction of someone shows the willingness to engage him or her in conversation. Also, any physical contact, such as touching, warns of openness for emotional contact. The Web site, http://www.collegegrad.com, said when a man unbuttons his suit jacket when taking a seat, he shows openness as well.

In other words: Boy sees girl. Girl notices boy starring. In response to the stares, girl smiles and fondles her hair. Results: A mutual attraction.

So what happens after all of this silent flirting occurs? Hopefully, the two meet and exchange numbers.

Raven Roberts, a 19-year-old sophomore business student from Long Beach, Calif., said body language is just as important as verbal flirting.

“It helps in taking things to the next level,” she said.

On the other hand, closed body language is just the opposite of open body language. In situations where there is closed body language, the message is simple: There is no interest. In other words the telephone number is not wanted and nothing will transpire.

Women are much more guilty of this form of body language than men. Every man knows the most popular type of closed body language from a woman: Eye rolling. Women roll their eyes to show the man pursuing her that she is not interested, disgusted, and/or bored.

Typical closed body language scenario: Boy sees girl with a group of girlfriends. Girl glances over at boy. Boy smiles at girl. Girl rolls her eyes and turns back around. Result: No connection.

Dawnetta Henry, a 19-year-old sophomore pharmacy student from Jacksonville, attests to this.

“When I’m not interested I usually roll my eyes and fold my arms. I may even sigh to show boredom,” Henry said.

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